Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Hello world (again). Anyone out there?

Err, yeah. So I've been away. Bit longer than planned as it happens. Ok. Much longer then. So sorry about that. I'd planned a short break but with so many other things going on guess i just got lazy about restarting it all. Nice to see some Betfair forum diehards hassling me every now and then to start up again though. Thanks for the support and for better or worse here I am. Blogging again. I don't know, I must be mad. And as for you reading my ramblings.... ;-)

One of the interesting things about stopping was seeing all the theories as to why I had. I'm sure I said I was going to and explained why before I did. And I did try to answer the question on various Betfair Forum threads several times. Some of the explanations I came across were that I was a Betfair plant, had done my bank and nads in or had just made the whole thing up. While one cheeky fecker decided I had succombed to early marital pressures and was under my new wife Emma's thumb and unable to trade! (Cheers for that one pj!) Well, all are wrong :-) Truth is I'm still trading. More than ever in fact.

So some of the questions I've been asked the most via email / MSN over the last few months...

Will you be starting the blog up again?

Yes! From now. But it will be different. I got bored of the daily grind of talking about how much I'd won or lost and why. At first it seemed an interesting thing to do. And it was a nice way of keeping up to date with how much I'd saved for my wedding.

Once the wedding and honeymoon was sorted I kind of lost interest though. Tried a new challenge to turn the £1k into £100k but again that just meant I ended up droning on about how much I'd won or lost even more. It just got a bit dull to write to be honest. I much preferred discussing the various trading ideas / techniques / theories that we all use. So that's what I intend to do going forward. Not as many updates. But hopefully ones that are of more interest. Or more interesting for me to write anyway. Sure I'll discuss some wins and losses if there is something worth chatting about. But just not every day with a running tally.

How's the trading going? Done your bank or made the £100k?

It's going well thanks :-) Though no, I haven't turned the £1k into £100k. With a little luck maybe I'll get to mention that one day soon. :-) I have been trading a lot though. And although I will shy from mentioning figures as much as in the past I'll post up last month's results to give an idea of how I've been doing recently. Partly to show I didn't do my bollocks in. And also because it was my best month to date on Betfair and I was bloody pleased with it!

That said it hasn't all been plain sailing. A couple of months ago I had my first losing month on Betfair since starting the blog in May 2006. It wasn't a big loss and I was not all doom and gloom about it. Disappointed yes but it was still a profitable month. Only though because my attentions are increasingly focussed on other betting and trading opportunities in conjunction with Betfair. I still use Betfair the most but since the wedding have increasingly used bookmakers and spread firms to try to maximise any profit available from my reading of the various in running situations I come across in the events I trade. Can't think why I hadn't explored this properly before as it can add a fair bit to the bottom line so a big thankyou to the people who've pointed me in the right direction in doing this. You know who you are!

Can you tell me how to make money on Betfair?

I don't think I'd be exaggerating if I said I've had thousands of emails asking this since starting the blog. I used to try to reply to them all but just couldn't keep up in the end. Basically I don't have an easy step by step guide and anyway there are people out there who are far smarter traders than me who make a lot more money than I ever will. I guess I just found some ideas that work for me and overtime if you look hard enough maybe you will too. I've discussed a lot of my ideas and strategies on the blog in the past and will do so going forward so perhaps that might be a place to start.

So what else? Well the the betting blogosphere seems to have changed a lot since I stopped. Many blogs appear to have died a death while John's over at The Gambler has turned into an enjoyable read about all things life rather than gambling. Especially pleased to see Mark Iverson is still going strong and that Matt over at Punt has managed at least the odd update! Just hope Ray over at The Sports Trader gets the bug again someday soon. Anyway, guess I'll get round to updating the links to them all sometime soon. If you have a gambling blog and want a link just let me know and I'll add one when I change them.

Right, that's it for now. Rambled on a bit longer than expected there but hope it answered some questions. I'll be busy trading the Trent Bridge test match over the next few days but hopefully will get round to updating again sometime soon. See you then hopefully!