Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year

Result since last update: £2342.98

Well that's a bit surprising! Mainly because I didn't really get too involved in anything between Christmas and New Year. Did a lot a eating, drinking and family stuff so missed the start and end of the two test matches, traded a set or two of darts and a a single quarter of an NFL match. Looking at the result maybe I should take this less hands on approach into the New Year!

Obviously pleased the results. Nice bit of unexpected green to add to December's results. My most successful market was the first test between South Africa and West Indies. Only caught a few sessions really but there were some absolutely staggering prices available. Knowing I was unable to do much of the match, including the scheduled end, I just kept my liabilities limited and my position in such a way that I could leave it at any moment. I know I discussed the price on the 3rd night / start of the 4th day with some people on MSN but I'm aware it still smacks a little of aftertiming to say the the price on South Africa seemed sheer lunacy. From memory everyone and their dog on the Betfair cricket forum was of a similar view so I'm sure some very nice wins were landed. As it is I couldn't do the start of the 4th day so just left my book in an all green position with some weighting towards the West Indies. Was able to look in later in the day but by then the West Indies were 1.2x and I'd missed all the real action. Still, there's more to life than trading and despite the missed opportunity I'm more than happy with the result.

Anyway, I'll tot it all up another time but from a quick look through my results I'm staggered. It appears I've made over £45k profit this year - while still trading with a £1k bank for the first few months. Tell you something now - if you'd offered me that kind of result at the start of the year when I was still saving for my wedding I'd have wripped your hand, elbow and arm clean off!

Anyway, off to celebrate the new year now. Hope you and yours have a great one tonight and 2008 is a winning year for you. Happy New Year!


Anonymous said...

Just stumbled across your blog, looks like you've had good year. Well done.

Do you ever post your bets before you place them? it would be good to know what you fancy. Or is a lot of it spur of the moment decisions and in-play betting? Just curious.

Feel free to add a link to my blog and I'll do likewise on mine.

All the best, Selectabet

Godfrey Hoopington-Charles said...


Would you like to exchange blog links. Leave me a comment on my blog if you would and I will put your link up.

Betting@rc said...

looks like someone had a fab year!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year BFT. Is this blog finished now then ? Would save me 20 seconds a day if you could confirm it.


Peter said...

Happy New Year to you and hope the results are all good.

Would you mind sticking a link to my blog ( on your list of blogs?


The Nameless Trader said...


Just wanted to let you know that I've added you to my links section. My blog is at

Hope you don't mind.


Jon said...

Awesome return!

Taking time over your bets obviously makes a difference.

I try to decide over a week at least, however it's not working at the moment.

leonthefixer said...

any updates mate?

Betting@rc said...

happy new year...high time you posted, lots of events happening

Anonymous said...

As a past regular reader of your blog, is it now safe to delete it from my favourites? There's now been no updates for over 3 weeks and you had been expressing doubts about continuing it.

What a shame.

Best of luck.

Anonymous said...

Hi. Love the blog but noticed you haven't posted for a while. i hop everything is going ok?


Anonymous said...

"Anyway, I'll tot it all up another time but from a quick look through my results I'm staggered. It appears I've made over £45k profit this year "


Where've you gone anyway?

lobas said...

congrats so far, tidy little profit there

Charlie Hall said...


How are you doing now, as you have updated your site recently.

Kind Regards & Good Luck


free bets said...

hope you get this blog up and running again, looks interesting

Anonymous said...

Anyone won reading this ,be warned,most people who gamble lose and lose big,less than 3% of those who gamble win,so dont think winning 45k at this person has is as easy as he appears to suggest.

Head over to to read the other side of the gambling story-horrific

Anonymous said...

Hi, is this blog still going? I'd love to know how you're getting on. Matt.