Friday, March 13, 2009

New Zealand v India 5th ODI

Just a quick one as I'm off out soon for drinks and dinner before an early night to get some kip in before the 5th and final ODI between New Zealand and India later.

If you're interested in the match at all there is a
betting preview on CricketEdge. It's pretty long but well worth a read. Food for thought anyway. I agree with much of it. There's a betting preview posted on most televised matches on that site if you like it and want some ideas for future matches.

There's also a tip for
Dhoni to top bat. If you're looking for a cast iron winner I'd avoid it but I can't really argue that the price is probably a bit of value if you're taking the long term view.

Anyway, hope you find the articles useful. Any comments or feedback would be welcome. Just to make it clear, although I did not write those two articles, I have written some for that site it so have a vested interested of sorts.

It also means any feedback will get passed on to the guys writing the previews so if there's anything else you'd like to see in them going forward just leave a comment below.

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