Sunday, December 23, 2007

Latest trading results

Result since last update: £967.53

Whoa! I said there could be some dynamite trading opportunities in the last two days of the final test between Sri Lanka and England and it looks like traders that involved weren't let down. Sri Lanka were 1.2x at the time of writing from memory. I believe the draw hit a similar price on day 4 before blowing to 2.7x + on the fifth - and then rushing back in to 1.01! Sure there were some small fortunes won and lost on that little lot.

As I mentioned in my last blog entry I was unable to get involved in the last couple of days. Was spending some time in London with Emma. All good fun and refreshing to have a few days away from trading. Even is the christmas shopping crowds were little short of a nightmare!

The profit since the last update mainly comes from that final test. Had greened out for a reasonable win despite the result before heading off to London. Took a £200 hit on Sangakarra as top Sri Lankan batsman for the series but some profit on today's NFL more than accounted for that and left me with just shy of £1k profit on Betfair since the last update. Happy with that! Also made a bit elsewhere having got the draw with some books at 6/4 early doors as previously mentioned elsewhere. Didn't let that run but layed it off at various odds on prices elsewhere to effectively hedge for an equal all green position on that too. Smiles pretty much all round on the trading front then. Certainly helped out with buying some Christmas presents anyway :-)

Anyway, may do some of this late NFL game shortly before another few days away from trading. Will be back with another entry tomorrow anyway.

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Mark said...

Interesting read :-)

im gonna give betfair trading a bash with a 1k starting balance, here's hoping it goes well :)!