Thursday, December 20, 2007

Trading update

Result since last update: £539.79

It seems I keep starting new posts with apologies for not updating the blog more regularly recently but again things have been both very busy with normal work and I've also been snowed under preparing for some changes to my trading in the new year. Both on Betfair, the results for which I record on this blog - and the other exchanges / bookmakers and spread firms I use.

I was considering finishing the blog at the end of the year but sentiment and a few encouraging messages (thanks) have more or less persuaded me to keep it going. That said I'll probably change the format from a daily results round up to more of a notepad for my thoughts on trading and comments on various events. Something more along the lines of Punt I guess. But with a few more updates ;-) I don't know. If I do that I'll explain my reasoning at a later date as some at least might find it interesting. See how I feel after the festive period I guess.

As for my trading since the last update. Well, not managed to look in on the darts yet but have done some Twenty 20, NFL and ODIs and that's what makes up the green. Had a nice early green wiped out in an abandoned ODI but not much I can do about that. On the down side I've a £200 loss on Sangakarra as top Sri Lankan series batsmen to book soon. But more than making up for that is an all green position on the Galle test between Sri Lanka and England.

The rest of the test could provide some dynamite trading opportunities but I'm not going to be able to get involved further. Am off to London in the morning to do some shopping before taking Emma to the ballet for her annual Nutcracker fix. Staying over and going out for drinks and dinner too. Should be a great little break and will be back at some point over the weekend when I'll update again.


Anonymous said...

Seasons greetings you old fffff.errr, :-).

STST said...

You better keep the blog running otherwise what will troglodytes like me have to read! You can't leave me stuck with John the Gambler!!

All the best


dip said...

Congratulations and best wishes for the future.
MERRY CHRISTMAS to you,Emma and all of your readers.
Request:Keep the blog running,don't care about some nuts.